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DPS is ready to custom tailor a police security plan to address your specific concerns and needs. Additionally, Dobbs Protective Services understands the many unique issues and intricacies that can arise when one hires off duty police officers. As such, DPS staff members will act as the consistent contact point between you and the assigned police officers. Thereby, initiating, addressing and where needed modifying your request in the quickest, most effective method. DPS staff will discuss with you your particular police security needs and advise you whether officers possessing advanced skills and training should be deployed to better address the situation. DPS staff will custom tailor a police security plan that provides the widest amount of police coverage to you at the most cost effective price.



Dobbs Protective Services (DPS) is aggressively engaged in the service of providing the highest caliber of professional off duty police officers and related diversified services to our clients.

DPS was founded in the year 1996 to address the needs of various clients associated with the Olympic Games being held in Atlanta, Georgia. Our expertise is grounded in a thorough knowledge of the criminal and civil litigation process, loss prevention and advanced police security management. Foremost, DPS prides itself in operating and providing professional services based upon the highest principles of honesty and integrity. DPS is not only able to provide police officers for short-duration assignments (e.g. 24 hours or less when provided with adequate client notification), but can deploy off duty police officers for long-duration/ permanent assignments as well.


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